Ship Assist / Tugboats

Continuously monitor line health with higher-than-human accuracy.

Scope was designed with the operator for the operator.

Technology must be as usable as it is useful in order to survive in the real world. This is why Scope hardware and software were specifically designed in close collaboration with everyday users and operators, such that onboarding crews requires little to no training.

How It Works
How It Works
Deep Learning Damage Detection for Continuous Safety
Instant Failure Analysis and Expert Recommendations
Maximize Safe Line Life and Eliminate Unexpected Failure

With SCOPE, operators can mitigate risk by replacing and repairing low integrity rope with the confidence of intensely accurate data, avoiding the expense of prematurely retiring good rope, and most importantly, replacing bad rope well before a potential catastrophic event.

How it Works

Scope sensors have been designed to work in-line with operations,
or as a standalone off-line unit for convenient usage across vessels.

Product Rig

Know exactly when and where damage occurs, as it occurs.

Cut downtime with expert feedback from rope specialists directly in-app

Decrease downtime with automated corrective actions

A new level of safety and transparency only possible through applied deep learning.

Until now, the only way to measure the quality of a rope was to break it. With Scope, fleet owners, operators and those responsible for their safety can access accurate, real-time inspection data from anywhere with an internet signal. Scope brings transparency to those who are responsible for mitigating risk.

View health over time and exactly when to retire

Integrate with your own systems and reporting

Quickly correlate inspection data with job reports