Revolutionizing a 1000 year old process of inspecting rope for damage through applied deep learning.

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The Problem

Worldwide, the standard best practice to determine if a rope is safe for use is manual visual inspection. People look at a rope and decide if it is safe to use. This is an incalculable risk. Further, because manual visual inspection is subjective and qualitative, a safe level of compliance cannot be realized or maintained.

The Solution
The Solution

Scope is a line quality platform that leverages artificial intelligence and machine learning to identify line damage, assess the severity of the damaged areas and how they relate to one another, and communicates what actions are required to resolve those conditions. This is accomplished in real time, in-line with operations, at a higher-than-human accuracy, with software that is self improving.

The Line Health Index
The Line Health Index (LHI) is a measurement of quality derived from a network of visual and environmental sensors that provide real-time insights into the line health of rope systems.
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Mitigate Risk & Increase Transparency
Replace and repair rope with the confidence of intensely accurate data, avoiding the hazards of infrequently inspected rope jeopardizing operations. Understanding the line health of your fleet enables you to make data driven decisions surrounding which vessel is fit to perform specific jobs. Clients and those that are responsible for risk mitigation will appreciate the new level of transparency surrounding the health of lines and their ability to perform the task at hand.
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Avoid Premature Replacement & Reduce Inspection Costs
Manual Visual Inspection does not lend itself to a metric that can be followed and frequently results in the premature retirement of lines out of an abundance of caution. People do not know for sure, so they replace the rope. With Scope, you can confidently replace lines when they are safe to do so. And with inspections only taking a matter of minutes, it will save you on inspection costs as well.
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Maintain Line Health & Reduce Incidents

The most important connection between you and your customer is your line, and if it parts it can be catastrophic to a business and the client relationship. With Scope, maintaining line health is now possible as it is now measurable. If a line is damaged, you will know about it immediately enabling you to take it out of service before an incident, as opposed to after one occurs.

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