Scope enables operators of rope systems to recognize critical line damage before a catastrophic event occurs.

Our Intent

We are on a path to revolutionize manual visual inspections at scale.

Manual visual inspection varies drastically from person to person depending on a myriad of human factors. The transition to a new form of measurement and data driven statistics enables insights to be revealed and hazards identified so that technicians can apply their time addressing root issues instead of looking for them.

Manual inspections creates silos of expertise and unusable data as it is fraught with subjectivity. Because manual inspection does not lend itself to a standard that can be complied with, the only requirement in most cases is that an inspection be performed, regardless of the results or lack of metrics to inspect with.

Scope was founded because we have a safer, faster, and more accurate way to measure the integrity of products and processes and can get that data to the right people in real-time. Such that suppliers and end-users can respond before a failure incident occurs, as opposed to investigating what occurred after the fact.

Industries do not have to accept the level of risk that comes with manual visual inspection. With Scope, anyone can perform an expert inspection in minutes, and make data-driven decisions about the safe use of the product with a level of consistency that is only achievable through automation.

About the Team