Utility Stringing

Harness the power of AI for safer, smarter, and more efficient synthetic rope inspections.

Transform rope maintenance with Scope inspection systems for enhanced safety and efficiency.

Manual visual inspection is not a practical solution for inspecting thousands of feet of rope. With the Scope Line Quality Platform, operators can spend their time addressing the issues instead of looking for them. With Scope, operators can identify signs of wear and tear, damage, or defects in synthetic ropes that may not be easily visible to the human eye. Early detection of such issues can prevent accidents, equipment failure, and potential injuries to workers.

How It Works
Reel is unspooled through the Scope at a standard speed.

Scope is capable of performing accurate inspections at speeds up to 4 miles per hour, enabling workers to complete inspections quickly and efficiently.

Scope sensors detect damage & calculate the Line Health Index for that specific segment.

Scope sensors detect even the most nuanced damage modes, assess the severity of those areas, how they relate to one another, and then grades the segment of rope that contains those related damage modes. This is done in real-time, at a higher than human accuracy, with software that is self improving.

An inspection report is generated in real-time and available online to users.

Inspection reports are generated as the rope is being inspected with zero manual data entry once initiated. Further, all reports are automatically synced to the cloud so that inspections and analytics can be monitored remotely online.

Improve Operator Efficiency and Inspection Accuracy
Data Driven Decision Making Around Rope Repairs
Maximize Safe Line Life and Eliminate Unexpected Failure

With SCOPE, operators can fully understand if a line is up to the job, avoiding the expense of unneccesarily replacing good rope, and most importantly, replacing failing rope with confidence before a catastrophic event can occur.

How it Works

Assess the health of an entire fleet quickly and efficiently with little to no training.

Reduce reporting time with automated logging of all inspections and repairs.

Access and download detailed reports and certificates across any machine in the fleet.

A new level of safety and transparency only possible through applied deep learning.

Until now, the only way to measure the quality of a rope was to break it. With Scope, fleet owners, operators and those responsible for their safety can access accurate, real-time inspection data from anywhere with an internet signal. Scope brings transparency to those who are responsible for mitigating risk.

View line health over time and know exactly when to retire used lines.

Extend the usable life of lines without compromising safety.

Continuous improvement of inspections through applied deep learning.