Scope Control Surpasses Two-Million Feet of Rope Inspected

Justin McCoy | June 15, 2023

We are thrilled to share a monumental achievement in our journey towards clearly safer operations!

Scope’s innovative rope inspection technology, Scope Control, has successfully inspected an impressive two million feet of overhead stringing/pulling lines, marking a significant milestone for the platform and our team. This accomplishment reflects our steadfast dedication to providing the American Electric #Utility industry with the most advanced and complete solutions to ensure the safety and integrity of their pulling lines.

Since its initial rollout earlier this year, Scope Control has been a game-changer in the way electrical contractor’s manage the health of their stringing lines. Incorporating #ScopeControl into rope inspections significantly lowers the risk of low-health or damaged lines escaping the inspection process, dramatically enhancing inspection precision and greatly reducing the chances of a catastrophic line failure in the field. Moreover, the #Scope platform allows operators to strategically streamline repair plans, yielding time and financial savings when repairing or replacing rope across fleets.

Harnessing the power of cutting-edge deep learning and artificial intelligence technologies, Scope Control consistently outperforms human visual inspection when assessing a line's residual strength and identifying potential defects, enabling customers to realize a higher level of operational safety. The Scope Control platform empowers operators to consistently maintain stringing lines to a specific degree of residual strength, paving the way for a new standard in sustaining line health for safe operations. Additionally, all historical inspection data and performed maintenance can be easily reviewed in a user-friendly web application, enabling operators to clearly demonstrate and confirm the responsible management of a line prior to use in the field.

The journey to this two-million-foot milestone has been an extraordinary one, marked by the collective efforts of our devoted team and the invaluable support from our industry partners. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all Scope customers who have trusted in our team and welcomed this revolutionary era of safety. We salute these trailblazers striving to reduce the risks associated with pulling operations, and we eagerly anticipate the enhanced safety that these innovative collaborations will usher in.

Our journey at Scope is only just beginning…